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Virtual Homestudy

Coerver New York is ready to announce a unique training program designed for clubs & individuals that will bring live Coerver training sessions in your home during this difficult time.

Our Coerver Virtual Homestudy will allow clubs, teams or individuals to train live twice a week with Coach Rob & Coach Joe.  These 30 minute sessions will be designed around the technical skills that players are able to develop in limited space and a ball.  The sessions will be structured into a 10 minute block of Ball Mastery Skills followed by a 20 minute block based on the Topic of that Week.

Players will join the training session through the Zoom App.  Players will receive the invitation for each session 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the session.  These sessions will meet at the same time twice a week over the course of six weeks. 

The six week (12 training session) program beginning the week of June 22 will be available for $80.  The Individual Program is open to anyone from any club, anywhere in New York.

We will be offering 2 Levels of this program. 

Level 1 will be for anyone who has not participated in our Coerver Virtual Homestudy program in April or May.  If you have participated in April and/or May you can still register for this program if you do not have to do Level 2.  

Level 1 will be offered Mondays & Wednesday from 3:15 to 3:45 pm.

Level 2 will be available to any player who has taken Level 1 (program offered in April/May) or through approval by individual request.

Level 2 will be offered Tuesday & Thursdays from 3:15 to 3:45 pm.

Team & Club Wide Rates are also available.

All participants will receive a Coerver Virtual Homestudy Resource Booklet to provide information & worksheet for each session to track Ball Mastery scores and development.

To find out how to get your player, team or club involved please contact Joe Deck at [email protected]  

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