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Virtual Goalkeeping Homestudy

Coerver New York is ready to announce a unique training program designed specifically for goalkeepers ages 8-16 years old that will bring live Coerver goalkeeping training sessions in your home during this difficult time.

Our Coerver Virtual Homestudy will allow goalkeepers to train live weekly with Coach Joe & Coach Lex.  These 45 minute sessions will be designed around the technical skills that players are able to develop in limited space and a ball.  The sessions will be structured into a 7 minute block of Ball Mastery Skills, 8 minute block of SAQ Footwork, 10 minutes of Handling Skills followed by a 20 minute block of our Weekly Topic (Set Position, Various Catching Techniques, Diving, Distribution, etc).

This program will REQUIRE:

1. 2 or 3 Size Appropriate Soccer Balls
2. Access to a Wall to kick & throw against or a Parent willing to provide service throughout the session
3. 5-7 Cones or any object to use as cones

We will have an emphasis on testing throughout this program.  You will receive a Resource Booklet with links directly to Google Forms to submit baseline testing scores each session as well as retesting scores during our final session).  We are looking to show players through measurable data areas they are improving, areas of strength and areas to focus on improving.

Players will join the training session through the Zoom App.  Players will receive the invitation for each session the morning of the scheduled start of the session. 

The six week program will be available for $80 and is open to anyone from any club, anywhere in New York.

We will be offering our Virtual Goalkeeper Homestudy on Fridays from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm beginning May 22 through June 26.  This will be open to any player ages 8-16 years old.  Registration below.

Club Wide Rates are also available.

To find out how to get your player or club involved please contact Joe Deck at [email protected]  


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