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Coerver Pathway to Success


Our Mission is represented by The Coerver® Code©2010

“Being the Best that you can be: on and off the field.”

The Coerver Code incorporates what we call the Coerver 5 ‘S’ Player Essentials..

We believe these 5 Essential Soccer Qualities also enhance players’ Life Skills.

The 5 Soccer "Essentials" and The Life Skills they can effect:

Skills: Confidence, Creativity
Speed: Competition, Focus
Sense: Study, Decision making, Responsibility
Stamina: Discipline, Well being, Work Ethic
Spirit: Communication, Respect, Sportsmanship, Commitment and Courage.

At the core of the Coerver Code is COMPETITION.
We believe Competition hones players skills and personality; produces effective game players; and brings about

‘Whole Person Development’ that results in Respect for team mates, Opponents and Officials; and the game itself.