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Coerver New York feels that the words from you, the players, parents, coaches & club administrators within the soccer community can provide the most valuable endorsement for our work.  Below are just that, testimonials from those who have worked directly with us.

Melissa McHugh, current member of Misericordia Women's Soccer Team

"I grew up with the Coerver curriculum through camps and team training, and I truly believe that is has turned me into the soccer player I am today. Coerver has taught me the importance of ball mastery and skillful playing, and has given me the confidence to play up to my full potential at the collegiate level. I am excited to become a Coerver coach and give younger kids the same opportunities that Coerver has given me." 

Adam Kangas, coach of WUSC Wicked & current Club President of Wappinger United Soccer Club

"The WUSC has been utilizing Coerver New York to provide professional, technical training to their players for a number of years. The benefits of which Coerver training has provided in individual player development of WUSC players, is very impressive. Coerver’s pyramid approach to soccer training is undeniably successful, so much so that we are seeing many more clubs choosing to use Coerver for the technical training and development of their players. Coerver training is definitely a factor in the continued increase of player enrollment within the WUSC. The WUSC recognizes this, and has expanded the use of Coerver training within the WUSC, making it mandatory for all youth travel teams U9-U12, as well as utilizing Coerver as the primary training method for the WUSC Youth Academy U5-U8. The WUSC is proud to be one of the original partner clubs of Coerver New York."

Jeff Geller, Director of Coaching for First Touch Futbol Academy

"Our coaching staff at FTFA Soccer Saratoga frequently incorporates Coerver-based training methods into our training sessions.  We believe the Coerver training method has helped us field many highly-competitive teams over the years. We strongly believe in Individual Ball Mastery and the Change of Direction moves to help our players create the space necessary to shoot, dribble, or pass. We also strongly believe in the many, multi-directional games Coerver offers. Youth players tend to get the ball and go straight to goal regardless of players that may or may not be in the way. The multi-goal, multi-directional Coerver games gets young players to realize that we can't always go forward and that sometimes we need to go left, right, or backwards in order to attack or keep possession of the ball. This season, our FTFA teams are being trained by Cassidy Jones. Coach Cassidy always arrives early for set-up and runs a developmentally appropriate training session. The session always starts with a ball mastery warm-up which then progresses into an activity with limited pressure ending in a game with larger numbers that focuses on the topic of the day. We highly recommend Coerver Soccer to any team of any level looking to push their players and take them to the next level."

Shea Olszewski, current member of Marywood Women's Soccer Team

"Coerver has allowed me to develop into the player I am today. I wholeheartedly stand behind this coaching method and have felt its benefits today as a college athlete. The basics and technical aspects of the game are so important and yet often overlooked. The Coerver coaching methods lend a great focus on the heart and core of soccer."

Brian Horos, coach at EFSC & current Club President of East Fishkill Soccer Club

"Why Coerver?
When people ask me this question it is really an easy answer.  As parents, you want the camps your child attends to focus on the basics or foot skills and concepts kids can understand, while making it fun for the kids.  At an early age, each of my kids were exposed to Coerver and they loved it.  All three of my kids now play travel and the older two made JV High School soccer this year.  Coerver has given them soccer confidence on the ball and in the game over the last six years we have trained with them.

As our Club President choosing Coerver as a preferred trainer was just as easy.  We have worked with Rob, Kieran and other trainers at Coerver for years.  The proof is in the pudding, the EFSC travel teams that train with them are more successful.  I would bet if you polled the kids in our travel program, most of them have gone through the Coerver programs or camps at some point in their soccer career.  An added bonus of using Coerver trainers is it is a safe place to send kids to be trained without being poached or pushed to go elsewhere to another club."