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Individual & Small Group Training

Individual & Small Group Training

Individual and/or small group training offers players an opportunity to receive personalized, deliberate, progressive training by a certified Coerver Coach.  
This supplemental training opportunity will craft a program that help the development process of your young player achieve individual goals based off of their strengths, weaknesses, position or any area of development you would want.  
All our sessions are still based around the Coerver Pyramid of Player Development with a stronger focus on the lower 3 levels of the pyramid.


 Number of Players Cost for 1 SessionCost for 4 Session Package Cost for 8 Session Package
 1 PLAYER $70 $250 $425
 2 PLAYERS $60 per player $215 per player$375 per player
 3 PLAYERS $50 per player $175 per player$300 per player
 4 PLAYERS $45 per player $145 per player$250 per player

To register please fill out our Coerver Individual & Small Group Interest Form.

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